Why DIVI might be the right choice for freelancers?

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Why Divi might be a right choice for freelancers?

With Divi, you can build any kind of website and enjoy live responsive previews. It’s an exceptional product with great graphics. Although the powerful page builder meets the needs of any developer, it’s also suitable for people who can’t code.

Since Elegant Themes is getting most of their income from this item, they are continuously investing in it. What does this mean for its users? They are constantly getting new updates, which help them make improvements to their sites.

The latest version of Divi – version 3.0 brings real-time editing on the front page. Have a look at the video below to get a glimpse of what it is like to use this theme and visual page builder.

The latest version, Divi 4.0, brings another game-changing feature: the theme builder.

With this, it’s now possible to change the design, layout, and structure of your entire website. It allows you to use the responsive visual page builder to create custom headers, footers, and body templates for each type of page on your site.

You can create custom designs, layouts, and structures for various post types such as blog posts, products, portfolios, and others.

In addition to that, you can also do the same with custom index pages along with other special pages such as 404 pages, search results pages, archives, category feeds and more. You can literally customize the appearance of any part of your entire website now.

SEO Benefits of Using DIVI

  • WordPress is able in that you can add themes to create different layouts, while DIVI is one of the hundred WordPress themes that have the functionality of building a WordPress page visually.
  • Instantly that we have covered how WordPress provides SEO benefits, let’s check what we can obtain from DIVI – in my opinion, the ultimate WordPress theme and visual page builder.
  1. Faster and Reliable Changes

If you want to make a difference like adjusting the font size, changing the colours or adding spacing, you can just do all that in real time and watch live previews.

2.Design Consistency

Having different versions for your website (desktop, tablet, and mobile device) can get complex.

For example, if you make a small change to your desktop version and forget to update your tablet or mobile version, you will have inequality. With DIVI, you can modernise any version of your website and the others will be updated instantly, as well.

3.Responsive Websites

DIVI allows you can test live responsive previews and apply custom changes to particular mobile breakpoints.


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